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  • South Tyneside Homes chooses Delcam PS-Team software to manage Decent Homes Programme of work

South Tyneside Homes chooses Delcam PS-Team software to manage Decent Homes Programme of work

South Tyneside Homes (‘STH’) has selected Delcam PS-Team, Programme and Performance management system to support the delivery of its Decent Homes programme on its 19,000 social properties.

STH is the Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) responsible for refurbishment of South Tyneside Council’s properties. STH researched the market for systems that would provide robust and consistent Programme and Performance Management (‘PPM’) and that could be adopted by all internal and external Partners to provide ‘real time’ monitoring information to help plan and manage the overall Capital Investment Programme.

STH chose Delcam PS-Team for its experience in the social housing market and capability of providing a secure, web-based programme management system.

PS-Team was selected to provide this capability and to support other business processes including:

•   Contract management

•   Work scheduling

•   Tracking progress in delivering programmes of work

•   Monitoring programme status by exception

•   Performance monitoring

•   Real time reporting of committed spend, expenditure and budget

•   Electronic payment support

•   Automated and validated data entry with workflow

•   Active email

•   Integrated Document Management.

Staff and external contractors will have one, secure, browser-based, location to find and update information, significantly reducing the amount of time spent looking for information, eliminating duplication of data and reducing error.

"The introduction of Delcam PS-Team will dramatically reduce the amount of spreadsheet and paper-based processes, allowing the programme to be updated directly by our contract partners and accurate, real-time reports to be produced.” Commented Graham Woodford, Procurement & Investment Manager,

"The searchable, full audit trail which is automatically created within the system will reduce errors and time spent looking for the right information when it is needed."

Other systems used by STH include IBS Open Systems, TASK Consilium and PIMSS.

PS-Team is used by a number of ALMOs of similar size and scope to STH, including nearby ALMO Your Homes Newcastle, which was a factor in the selection.

10 September 2008