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Delcam PS-Team Integration Server Promotes Systems Collaboration In Housing

Delcam PS-Team is launching its Integration Server this Autumn, allowing data from the Programme Management system to be automatically transferred from and to a Housing Organisationís key systems.

In a recent report produced by Tribal Consulting into ĎCurrent Approaches to Managing Housing Improvements Programmesí, it was identified that one of the key requirements of the Housing Organisations surveyed was integration of the Programme Management system with a number of information systems including Asset Management, Housing Management and Finance systems.

Once an investment programme has been planned in the Asset Management software and the work is about to start on-site, it is often difficult for Housing Organisations to manage the work-in-progress, and update UPRNs in the Asset Management software once work has been completed. The process can be painstakingly laborious and often not carried out until several months later, usually just prior to an audit!

Typically it was found that even systems which proclaimed to have integration capability still need a degree of manual manipulation of data which is labour intensive and allows human error to creep in.

Delcam PS-Teamís Integration Server dispenses with the need for traditional extracts of CSV/Excel files and manual manipulation of data. Instead specific Integration Server Packages are provided to transform the data and link directly to your key systems (eg Housing Management or Asset Management).

The result is that the Asset and Housing databases are kept up-to-date, Managers donít waste time manually updating their systems, errors are reduced or even omitted and changes to a programme of work are managed effectively (e.g. adding/removing properties from work).

How It Works
Once connected to your system, data is extracted, transformed into the format suitable for Programme Management and inserted into the PS-Team Web-based Programme Management system.

On completion of work, PS-Team automatically updates the other systems or informs a user to perform the automated transfer if preferred.

S haring Asset Management data

Work programmes are generated by the Asset Management system which contain property lists, asset information and work to be done on those assets

When work is completed in the Programme Management system, the Integration Server Package automatically updates the Asset Management and/or Housing system.

Sharing Housing Management data

New Right-to-Buy applications, void properties and other indicators are periodically transferred from the Housing Management system to the Programme Management system.

Planned maintenance work scheduled in the Programme Management system is visible to the responsive repairs teams inside the Housing Management system.

For more information on the Integration Server, please contact Hannah Harlock on 0121 7665544 or visit www.ps-team.com for more information.

04 September 2008