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Product Specific Sites: PowerSHAPE CAD design and modelling software for total design solutions PowerMILL, specialist NC CAM software for the manufacture of the complex shapes PowerINSPECT, the complete cad based inspection solution CopyCAD offers a complete reverse engineering solution PS-Exchange the cad translation solution ArtCAM provides a unique CAD modeling and CNC CAM machining solution ArtCAM Insignia the easiest professional CNC routing and engraving software Insignia E is an entry level 2D routing package ArtCAM Jewelsmith, to design and manufacture jewelry quickly and easily FeatureCAM automated machining for parts on mills, lathes and wire EDM Create real 3D objects from your favourite 3D modelling program using the new ArtCAM MillWizard software PS-Shoemaker, Sole Engineering for the footwear Industry PartMaker applies a visual programming approach to make CNC programming quicker and easier PS-Team, an EPM, project management and programme management solution

Industry Specific Sites 5 axis machining solutions PowerMILL CAD CAM solutions for the aerospace industry
CAD CAM solutions for the automotive industry Cad design solutions for the ceramics industry CAD CAM solutions for the producers of composite parts CAD modelling and cam machining solutions for the dental industry Software for your educational CAD CAM needs The complete CAD CAM solution for footwear manufacturers CAD CAM for all medical applications CAD CAM solutions for creating prototypes to full-scale production Create real 3D objects from your 3D modelling program using ArtCAM MillWizard, and almost any 3D milling machine Complete CAD CAM solutions for the creation and manufacture of mold tools CAD CAM software for the manufacturing needs of bespoke orthotics and orthopedic footwear CAD CAM software for todays packaging designers and manufacturers Total CAD CAM solutions for the plastics industry For all the cad design and modelling needs of the product designer Rapid prototyping CAD CAM solutions for the production of both form-and-fit test parts and prototype tooling CAD CAM solutions for toy manufacturers for the production of top quality toys Tool making CAD CAM for the manufacture and production of complex press tools Tyre CAD CAM for the best possible combination of profile, tread pattern and material

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