Public Sector Programmes

Public sector managers are faced with the challenge of how to “bridge the gap” between policy and delivery – how do you define projects and programmes, and prioritise them according to business goals?

A lot of time can be spent making phone calls and sending emails to ascertain an overall view of the projects’ status, especially as many projects often span several directorates.

Delcam’s PS-Team is an excellent tool for “bridging the gap” and providing Local Authorities with an overview of corporate projects in real time. Action lists which may traditionally be put up on white boards can be actively brought into use through PS-Team.

Delcam PS-Team can also be used to keep track of non-project related operational work to ensure that time spent on ‘business as usual’ tasks is taken into account when allocating project work. This allows a much more effective method of time planning.

“We used to spend too much time trying to get an overall picture of programme status but with PS-Team we can get an overview of all activity and obtain detail if required” Lee Jackson, Principal Procurement Officer, Derwentside District Council

Features include:

• Centralised Project Information Recording
• City-wide and area-wide reporting
• Recording of Task Progress
• Document control
• Automated Confirmation of Tasks and Timescales
• Third Party Reviews of Progress
• Automated Reporting

You can now buy PS-Team through the OGC Buying Solution Catalist programme.
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