Are you involved in managing a housing programme?

Your board of directors need up-to-date city-wide reports on the progress of the Programme. Programme Managers need to liaise with the building contractors to keep the programme of work on track and the contractors need to report back weekly progress, access problems and completions. And while all this is going on, the updated property information needs to feed an asset management system to ensure your repairs and maintenance teams have accurate, up to date, information. Keeping everything on track is becoming increasingly problematic.

If this all sounds too familiar to you Delcam’s PS-Team Programme Management software provides a web-based shared information system where your team and your supply chain partnerships can work together collaboratively in order to bring a programme such as Decent Homes in on time and within budget, maintaining a full audit trail of communication. It also integrates with your existing systems such as Asset Management and Housing Management Systems to reduce the need for double entry and provide a complete integrated solution.

Key features
• Survey management
• Asbestos information
• Contractor Management
• Works programming
• Planned Vs. actual spend
• City-wide and area-wide reporting
• Constructor performance
• KPI reporting
• Document control
• Web-based tenant access
• Material Schedules handling
• Links to Asset Management database

You can now buy PS-Team through the OGC Buying Solution Catalist programme.
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