For Programme & Performance Management

Do you need to keep track of programme costs, work time, documents and communication whilst ensuring that the projects you are implementing are aligned with your organisational strategy?

PS-Team for Programme & Performance Management is designed to help delivery teams work together more effectively. On-line collaboration and the use of efficient programme management processes helps to ensure that all stakeholders work towards a common strategy, are kept up-to-date at all times and enables everyone to make more informed decisions.

PS-Team provides an end-to-end‘active’ performance management solution that reduces (and potentially eliminates) the need for “teams of inputters”. An active system eliminates double entry since reports are derived from actual work being carried out.

A major business benefit of the PS-Team approach is that the data is entered at ‘point of delivery’ and the performance statistics are calculated and displayed from these. This leads to major efficiency savings and improved accuracy by avoiding re-entry of figures. It also provides an audit trail, thus providing accountability and avoiding potential disputes.

PS-Team integrates with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Project providing project managers with a 360° project management solution for project planning and task execution, allowing them to keep working the way they prefer and import the data into PS-Team to be implemented and managed.

Features include:

Costs, duration and work time tracking Programme, Portfolio, Project and Task Reporting
Traffic light reporting system Auditing
Email integration Document Management
KPI reporting Secure tailored access rights
Integration with Microsoft Office,
Outlook and Project

For more information about Delcam PS-Team's Programme Management module, please contact us .