For Collaboration

PS-Team for Collaboration is a simple, yet effective, solution for everyday task management and team collaboration. PS-Team provides workgroups with a web-based shared working environment where everything is audited, tracked and never forgotten. Using a centralised “to-do-list” the organisation’s processes can be more effectively managed, information captured and knowledge shared. As a result processes are optimised, time to market reduced and profits enhanced.

The advantage of using PS-Team for task collaboration over other methods such as email, Microsoft Access or Excel databases is that it maintains a full audit trail for each issue providing full traceability and accountability.

All steps taken to resolve the issue are recorded and any conversation or communication is captured. Also, all documents associated to the task or issue can be attached to the task and are automatically version controlled, ensuring time isn't lost working on out of date documents.

Features include
• Active reminders of due or over due tasks via email
• Daily, weekly or monthly digests to minimise number of emails
• Reply by email
• Full audit trail of communication
• Document version control
• Tracking of structured and ad-hoc communication
• Meetings can be scheduled and conducted reducing need for paper based minutes